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The First 100 Years: Flashbacks...

One little remembered giant in the NAPA (and many, unfortunately, fall in this category) is W. Paul Cook, who learned the printing trade in Claremont, N. H. After two issues of the Monadnock Monthly, he became an itinerant printer, then settled in Hanover, N. H., issued several large and impressive numbers of the Monadnock. In 1906 he resumed his wanderings, but settled in Athol, Mass., in 1913. During the next twenty years he published The Vagrant, fifteen issues, one 148 pages, the last 312 pages 5x7. He became official editor in 1918-19 and published a volume of 331 pages, 9x13, at a time when the allowance from the treasury was $25 an issue.

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