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The first volume of The National Amateur

Excerpts from accounts 1879 convention

In 1891 at Philadelphia

NAPA's first permanent constitution

Pillow fight

Almost fatal doldrums

1926 marked the semi-centennial

Little remembered giant

The Torpedo

The Mailing Bureau

Library of Amateur Journalism

Ralph Babcock

Presidents' Field

Tryout Smith

Thrift & Edkins


Amateur Press Clubs

Philadelphia Connections

National Amateur Press Association
The First 100 Years: Flashbacks...

Presidents' Field, a six-acre plot on the grounds of George W. Macauley, publisher of 0-Wash-Ta-Nong near Grand Rapids, Michigan, was dedicated in 1936. The pine trees were arranged to form the letters NAPA and each was marked with the name of the president whom it honored. Willard 0. Wylie, the oldest living ex-president at that time (elected in 1883), made the dedication speech, bringing tears to many by his tributes, uttered in the reverent stillness, broken only by an occasional rustle of a gentle summer wind.

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