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The First 100 Years: Flashbacks...

Frank A. Kendall, of Prarie du Sac, Wisconsin, had a genuine love for typography and fine printing. His Torpedo was one of the finest examples of beautiful printing in our history. An "Old Cloister" edition of The Torpedo appeared in February 1907, set entirely in Cloister Black, printed in six colors. The cover was leather. The professional Inland Printer devoted a lengthy article to it and reproduced one of its pages. It was also displayed in many cities in offices of the American Type Founders. In July 1913 at Grand Rapids, Michigan, he was elected president, but died suddenly in November. The board of executive judges appointed his wife, the former Jennie Irene Maloney, who had established an enviable literary reputation in the association. Present-day members recall her as Jennie Irene Plasier.

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