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The First 100 Years: Flashbacks...

The first volume of The National Amateur was edited by Clement C. Chase. John Winslow Snyder was elected official editor by the 1878 Chicago meeting but declined. Several others declined, not knowing what was expected of them. Finally Mr. Chase was elected. The first issue, 9"x 12", was in 3-column format in four pages. It contained a convention report, the president's message, editorials and an article on "Early Campaigning" by A. J. Huss. The first issue had a two-page supplement containing an interview with the postmaster general paving the way for second-class entry. Amateur editors had claimed that the Proposed one cent postage would doom the association. The account of the convention was not official as the secretary was quoted as saying, "The minutes of the late NAPA convention are not for publication."

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