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The first volume of The National Amateur

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In 1891 at Philadelphia

NAPA's first permanent constitution

Pillow fight

Almost fatal doldrums

1926 marked the semi-centennial

Little remembered giant

The Torpedo

The Mailing Bureau

Library of Amateur Journalism

Ralph Babcock

Presidents' Field

Tryout Smith

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Amateur Press Clubs

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National Amateur Press Association
The First 100 Years: Flashbacks...

At various times the National Amateur Press Association has had unusual stimulus, sometimes bringing it out of an almost fatal doldrums. In 1882 an article in a very popular youth magazine, St. Nicholas, had such an effect, spreading the gospel to a national audience. In 1930, Edwin Hadley Smith and Vincent B. Haggerty engineered a boy printer recruitment program with cooperation from the Kelsey Press Company of Meriden, Conn. In 1966 a good article on hobby printing in Popular Science magazine produced vital printing members. Kelsey Press Company again cooperated in 1969 to bring in another large group of printers.

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